Real luxury

is customization

(aka Specs)

We take great pride in offering you and your guests a truly unique experience. A heritage venue with contemporary sensibility makes for a beautiful and versatile canvas for you to work with.


Depending on the type of event you are holding, capacity can change;

A fully seated meal service welcomes 180 guests

A cocktail reception welcomes 350 guests

A theatre seating welcomes 200 guests


With a state of the art sound system that'll blow the roof off the top of your head, everything sounds better up here.


Free wifi is available and, if required, we can activate a higher speed Internet service with hard-wired options as well as wifi that can handle up to 100 devices.


A statement feature of the space is the 36 foot bar adorned with custom made light boxes hanging above. These light boxes can be further customized by creating your own graphic or photo images to act as the front of the light boxes. It’s a perfect way to feature your logo, family photos, or event décor concept within the space!


Elegant room dividers can seamlessly drop from the ceiling with the touch of a button. The ultimate in flipping parts of the space mid event with ease, or opting for intimate affair over open concept.


With a large selection of in house furniture, we’ve got you covered from seated dinner to theater style seating to cocktail party, and everything in between.


More detailed specs can be found below, and we invite you to TURN OUR SPACE INTO ANY SPACE.


Furniture & A/V Spec Sheet


Floor Plan